Dreamy. Sparkly. Glitz. Glamour.

These are the words that come to mind the moment we stepped inside Jillian’s 18th birthday celebration. Last February 25, our prettiest ambassadress Jillian Ward celebrated and welcomed the first step to adulthood at The Cove, Okada Manila. Various personalities and celebrities have graced the event and the debutante herself has also made headlines. Jillian, as a multi-talented superstar, blew us all away as she highlighted the event with her singing and dancing skills on stage. Indeed, every detail that night left everyone in awe.

Lifestrong Marketing Inc.,the company behind Pretty Secret, has also graced the occasion; with COO & Managing Director Margaret Lee being invited by Jillian as one of her 18 candles entourage along with other esteemed personalities.

As the new face of Pretty Secret, she embodies what it’s like to be #PrettierThanEver, proving that one can bloom even prettier as time goes by. Moreover, to make the night more memorable, the brand shared some Pretty Secret products as a souvenir and as a reminder of this momentous event.

Surely a celebration that captivated our hearts, Jillian continuously proves how she is constantly blooming with grace, elegance, and beauty.