Many of us know Jillian Ward as a brilliant actress– and a multi-talented one at that. Getting an early start as a child actor, we now see her as a grown-up lady venturing life bravely, fearlessly, gracefully. As she evolves into young woman, celebrating her coming-of-age, it is most evident that she is now prettier than ever.

Cosmetics brand Pretty Secret has launched Jillian as the newest face of the brand, representing the young generation in their journey towards blooming and becoming a better version of themselves. The brand’s campaign, #PrettierThanEver, makes it even more fit for Jillian to personify the brand because of how she transformed from being a TV kid star with the cutest smile, to being a ravishing lady having projects and shows one after the other. Just by being her lovely self, Jillian inspires a lot of people by how multi-faceted she is– an actress, a singer, an artist, a businesswoman, a dancer, and she is also a gamer! Above it all, she also loves to doll up!

Catering to teenagers, Pretty Secret is your go-to for trendy yet affordable skincare and cosmetic lines for youth since 2015. Dedicated to encouraging and inspiring the young generation to fearlessly transform from being simply pretty to prettier than ever. The said brand has helped several teens to young adults achieve their pretty goals without compromising much. It is multi-functional, quality-effective, fun, and trendy. And just like the brand, the multi-talented star captures everyone’s hearts through her impeccable beauty, blazing confidence, unrelenting determination to achieve whatever she puts her mind to. Moreover, the brand Pretty Secret aims to empower teenagers to be just who they are, build confidence, and be prettier than ever.

As Pretty Secret’s newest ambassadress, she surely fits just right with the brand– there is no one more suited to be the new face of the brand and its campaign other than Jillian. Prettier than Ever is not just what defines Jillian Ward—it embodies her. It becomes her. Thus, being Prettier Than Ever is every Pretty Girl’s Beauty Secret.

Pretty Secret’s products can be purchased from Watsons and The SM Store Beauty Section stores.